bbq and beer venue
December 09, 2011 9:17:56 PM UTC Post #1

Hi frynds
can anyone say if the las vegas bbq and beer will become a regular venue on the tour

January 08, 2012 10:27:28 PM UTC Post #1

They will be there 4 times a that place!!!!!

January 09, 2012 5:22:02 PM UTC Post #2

Well.Fat lot of GOOD it did me to give up BBQ-There goes my Diet..
I kind of wish it'd been a sushi Bar

I ain't Hidin' from nobody, Nobody's hidin' from me

June 08, 2012 5:57:38 PM UTC Post #3

@ls-jimmyjameszzzz: Thanx ls jimmy .I've downloaded the app for the hotel ! Will be checking it out .

June 09, 2012 2:35:35 AM UTC Post #4

Really? A bar n grill? First a cruise now this? What's next a broadway play? Is this what Allen and Ronnie would have wanted?

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