Atlanta & Orlando shows
February 24, 2010 1:51:01 AM UTC Post #11

@SouthernCross: I didn't catch that -I get messages all the time asking about a lake up north-one in New England somewhere& one in the midwest I think -we did drive to Seiveriville to see Skynyrd & 38 Special-to Atlanta one time too-we try to see them,if we can whenever they are in Ga -Al Or TN-Fl too of course-that's why i was so PO'd about seats-we got them for Valdosta,but that may not work out & I am looking @ Plant City Fl too-Glad too meet someone who knows about this funky little park also LOL.My Husband went to LFO High school & I went to Ooltewah -where do you live ? we lived in Altanta & Cartesrville Ga & in Ringgold Ga too.

Mustang Girl

February 24, 2010 12:02:59 PM UTC Post #12

I'm in Calhoun, Ga.---Funny thing I used to live right close to Plant City Fl. as well. That's a long drive too. I'm holding out for a show closer to home--Atlanta (not the Hannity thing though), Chattanooga, maybe even Rome again.

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