Am I even good enough to play with these guys?
June 07, 2010 4:15:28 PM UTC Post #1


You be the judge. Listen to my mp3 file, and then tell me whether I -

1.) Did OK

2.) Kicked Butt!

3.) Need more practice.

4.) Sucked. 8-)

I'm just picking the guitar back up after about ten years without one, so I'll understand if you think the past three weeks of practice hasn't been enough yet. 8-)

By the way, I've only heard this song three times in my life. Once when I listened to it the first time, once while I played along with it to practice it, and once when I played along with it to record this mp3 file.

Later, Ray

Need more practice
Kicked Butt
You suck!
Did just OK
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June 07, 2010 4:20:30 PM UTC Post #1

By the way, I'm the lead player that starts almost immediately, and plays all the way through the song without stopping, and does the trill at the end of the song.

I can play very fast leads all the way through songs for about two hours at a time now, so I guess I'm ready to play sets if I can find any more songs I play as well as this one. 8-)

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