A note for Mr Van Zant
June 07, 2010 4:00:00 AM UTC Post #1

My name is Alisa Brittingham. I live in Saraland Alabama (Sweet Home!!) I have been a fan of yours all my life!! And have been to several of your Gulf Coast concerts..even getting to come on stage at one of our Bay Fests. One in particular has special meaning......in August 1997 I won tickets to your show in Mobile Alabama through 96.1 The Rocket and was entered to win a signed guitar from the concert. Was totally excited and couldn't wait to attend, then my grandmother died. The wake was the night of the concert. I gave my tickets to a friend and told her "when they call my name for winning the guitar...call me"!! I had told other friends and family that "I'm gonna win that, they are going to call my name"!I even called the radio station to ask if I had to be present to win. The guy I talked to was the same guy who called out the winner on stage....He couldn't believe it when he saw my name!! I told him I spoke it and wanted it so bad and that it was meant to be mine!! It has been displayed and a huge conversation piece in my home since then...until Sunday May 30th 2010. Our home was burglarized and along with many other things they took my prize.
I have contacted most of the pawn shops in my area and have everyone on the look out for it, but I'm sure it is long gone. Maybe one day I'll get lucky again. I'm just a good ole country girl
who loves her Southern Rock and Lynyrd Skynyrd! I'm honored to have had a little piece of you guys! Thanks for reading. Alisa

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