50th birthday party
September 25, 2010 8:18:00 PM UTC Post #1

Realizing it's a long shot, I was wondering what would it take to have a guest appearance from you at my husbands 50th birthday party. we live in Tampa, Fl. My husband has spent the last 4 years that we have been together rebuilding all that has been lost, broken and destroyed from a previous abusive marriage for me, and i wanted to show him how much his love means to me by making a dream of his come true. Meeting you for his 50th. would be out of this world. He is a wonderful man who deserves to have his own hopes and dreams become a reality. He has been a fan forever,(we all have been). I figured it couldn't hurt anything to ask. If at all possible this is suppose to be a surprise...hoping he doesn't read this message.....so you can respond to Rose.Hale27@yahoo.com.
His birthday party is Nov. 21


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