2 ,list's best G,player & best group of player's
February 13, 2012 7:10:56 PM UTC Post #1

Hey, I would like to know your top 5 in history both catagories. BEST SINGLE PLAYER AND BEST GROUP OF PLAYER'S. I know some will disagree with my list's but here is how I see it. Best guitarist list. 1 Ritchie Blackmore, 2 Gary Rossington, 3 B.B. King, 4 Jimmy Page, 5 Stevie Ray. Now best group of player's. 1Skynyrd, 2 The Outlaws, 3 38 . Special, 4 The Band,5 Rossington Collins.The tri-power day's of Rock Blackmore and Page carried Deep Purple/Rainbow and Zepplin. B.B. King Blues at it's best. Stevie Ray another gift to music God rest his soul(died here at alpine valley, fog and copter's don't mix). If you notice all my best group's are band's that I can't hear their music on the radio here in Milwaukee, They don't fit in Classic, Oldie's even Country, my only way to hear them are CD's and on the freaking computor. I am sick of Classic and Oldie's thinking everyone want's elton john and billy joel.And to hear the new music would be great.

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