1976/1977 Tour Dates
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=HubieG said:Hello, all.

This is my first post to the Lynyrd Skynyrd boards.

I am helping a friend to compile a listing of the band's previous concerts between the years 1973 and 1977. While there are lots of web sites that list city and state information, most of them don't list the actual venues for the older concerts.

So, if any of the long-time fans here at the boards, by chance, attended one of the shows below and can provide venue information, I'd certainly appreciate it.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this very long list and thanks, in advance, for your help.

Keep on rocking!



Jan 09, 1976 Savannah, GA
Jan 10, 1976 Asheville, NC
Jan 16, 1976 Knoxville, TN
Jan 23, 1976 Amarillo, TX

Mar 01, 1976 Denver, CO
Mar 12, 1976 San Bernardino, CA
Mar 14, 1976 San Diego, CA
Mar 16, 1976 Seattle, WA
Mar 17, 1976 Spokane, WA
Mar 18, 1976 Portland, OR
Mar 24, 1976 Albuquerque, NM
Mar 25, 1976 Houston, TX
Mar 26, 1976 Norman, OK

Apr 03, 1976 St. Louis, MO
Apr 21, 1976 Dallas, TX

May 01, 1976 Jacksonville, FL
May 11, 1976 Kansas City, MO
May 15, 1976 Cincinnati, OH
May 16, 1976 Evansville, IN
May 18, 1976 Columbus, OH
May 31, 1976 Myrtle Beach, SC

Jul 02, 1976 Dayton, OH
Jul 16, 1976 Birmingham, AL
Jul 28, 1976 Pensacola, FL
Jul 30, 1976 Nashville, TN

Aug 25, 1976 Lewiston, ME
Aug 28, 1976 Ashbury Park, NJ

Sep 26, 1976 La Crosse, WI
Sep 28, 1976 Minot, ND

Nov 06, 1976 Kent, OH
Nov 07, 1976 Long Island, NY
Nov 20, 1976 Binghamton, NY
Nov 21, 1976 Hampton, VA

Apr 23, 1977 Louisville, KY
Apr 29, 1977 Charlotte, NC
Apr 30, 1977 Fayetteville, NC

May 11, 1977 Columbia, SC

Jun 18, 1977 Hyannis, MA
Jun 26, 1977 Denver, CO
Jun 27, 1977 Salt Lake City, UT

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This is also my first post to the Skynyrd boards.

L.S. will forever be the best Southern Rock Band from any era. (period!)

With that being said, I like to add two shows to your list.

8/24/76, LS opened for Edgar and Johnny Winter at the Springfield CC, (Mass.) the show was hot!
LS rockin the first set, Winter Bros. rockin blues the second. Great show!

10/27/76, LS, Palace Theater in Waterbury, Connecticut. If memory serves me correctly, Pure Prarie League and Charlie Daniels opened the show. Whew what a night!

There were several shows at the Palace, I have misplaced the stubs over the years unfortunately


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The entire career tour schedule is presently available here:

Skynyrd Frynds

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I was at the Cincinnati show that is listed. They had Santana and Ted Nugent opening for them. I also saw them two years earlier opening for J.Geils. Second Helping was just being released at this time and not too many people knew who they were.

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They played in Macon in early January 76 (just Gary and Allen on guitars. ARS and CDB opened) and again in August 76 (Steve on board. 38 Special and Montrose opened). I can get the dates if you need them.

I know a little ,,,,,,,

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The June 15th 1977 Springfield, MA concert was performed at the Springfield Civic Center.
I missed that show being only 12 years old at the time but I remember hearing some of the older kids talking about it the following days afterwards. I believe Foreigner and .38 Special opened up but I'm not sure in which order. Obviously the Sknyrd boys came on stage last and rocked the hell out of the place.

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=Wired2Jam said:@SkynyrdSlate: I went to that RFK show in DC. If my memory serves correctly, Ed King had quit and they played with only two guitars - Rossington and Collins.

It was an awesome show though. It was a cloudy/rainy day. Not bad enough to hurt anything, but the weather wasn't great. Everybody else (Nugent, Nazareth, Aerosmith) all drove out to the stage in limos. LS drove out in a beat up Volkswagon bus.

When they were done, they all climbed back in the bus to leave, but after a few minutes, the door opened and Ronnie Van Zandt came out. The whole house went nuts. He took a long pull off his Jim Beam and motioned for the others to follow him. Billy Powell started playing the intro to Freebird and as God as my witness, the sun started peeking through the clouds with seagulls buzzing the stadium. Allen Collins slayed that solo hanging ten at the front of the stage and never missed a note.

Also saw them at the Capitol Center with Steve Gaines. When Steve played his slide stuff on T for Texas, the big 4 sided monitor at the center of the venue had a shot looking down Steve's Les Paul with Ronnie Van Zandt watching him in the background. Ronnie just shook his head as he played - totally blown away by his playing. It was epic.

I saw LS last night and they practically played that Capital Center show. Every show I saw them before the accident, they started with "Working for the MCA" - last night was no exception. In the indoor shows, they had that huge disco ball during Freebird. Again, last night was no exception. Rickey Medlocke and Sparky do their original members justice - the 3 guitar army is different, but more than able.

the only thing I truly miss when comparing the new lineup versus the old, is Allen Collin's version of Crossroads. He played it at that Capital Center show and he ripped it. Other than that, they are really playing the same tunes at almost the same quality here and now.

Hi man,

LOL, sorry I am sooooooo late here with this but I was just thinking back to and again remembering Skynyrd at RFK back in 1976 and was brought back to this thread and just now, for the first time, I am seeing your response to me.

Yes, it was a cloudy threatening day this Sunday of Memorial Day weekend 1976. Yes also that Ed was not there and it was just Allen and Gary on guitar although Steve Gaines was in the house. (At bottom I will post a link that you might find interesting!)

Thanks for that great story about Ronnie and the guys at RFK. Myself, I don't recall anything so specific as that. I just recall the house rocking for Skynyrd and how excited I was watching Ronnie prowl around the stage that day. BTW, if you recall ANY of the set list from RFK, please post it here for me. I just look at what they did at the Cow Palace (which is posted at YouTube of course) and figure we got most of that set. But, honestly, I don't rightly remember!

For me, one of the biggest disappointments of my entire life (other than never seeing Street Survivors performed December 8, 1977 at Capital Centre as was scheduled, was TOTALLY MISSING Lynyrd Skynyrd at the Cap Centre October 20, 1976 (exactly one year prior to the crash) performing with Steve Gaines as you state! I was a senior in high school then and, for whatever reason, I no longer remember why - (maybe cause I was so anxious to see ZZ TOP for my first time at Capital Centre November 11, 1976 - I was oblivious to this 2nd 1976 Lynyrd Skynyrd concert in the DC area when it took place.

Back then I lived in Bladensburg, Prince George's County, Maryland - just down the road from where I saw so many concerts at Capital Centre back in the 1970s. (I was too young in December 1973 when Skynyrd helped christen the building by opening for the Who there).

I won't try and pretend that I am Skynyrd's biggest fan at this Skynyrd website, but let me tell you what I did recently. I got lucky and found a guy who HAD to (needed cash) sell a 'PRONOUNCED' album that he had acquired many years ago from a fan in England who had had the band autograph it back in 1974 during the Golden Earring Tour which was autographed by everyone EXCEPT Leon and Billy and had the RONNIE underlined signature stenciled and inked under my right wrist (just as he signed it)!

Thanks for sharing your memories. Please add whatever set list that you remember!! Thanks!

Below is the link that demonstrates that Steve Gaines was in the house at RFK Stadium Sunday May 30, 1976, Memorial Day weekend.


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My first brush with LS was in November '73 @ the Cow Palace in San Francisco. They were the opening act for The Who as they had recently signed with The Who's label MCA. From what I've read over the years this was the first night of the tour and the bands first Arena gig. Sad to say my best friend & I spent most of their set in the parking lot gettin' tuned up for The Who performance. We came in as they were on the last song, but I was immediately stopped in my tracks when I saw 3 guitars smokin' up the stage and could feel the excitement from the crowd. They left and the crowd begged for more and I was amazed when an opening act came back for an encore, unheard of back then. Well what happened next knocked my johnson in the dirt as they played Freebird.....I WAS HOOKED!!! It's been a long, sometimes sad ride since that night, but if anybody ever asks who my all-time favorite band is it's a no-brainer. It got more memorable when The Who came on and 3 songs in Keith Moon OD'd right off his stool twice and a kid from the audience was brought up to sit in and jam with Pete, Rodger, and The Ox. Can't wait for the next gig!!!
J Dawg

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