1953 Fender Esquire Guitar
December 02, 2012 4:32:32 PM UTC Post #1

My dad, Mike Sharp has a 1953 Fender Esquire guitar in great condition. It was put away until recently by my grandmother (for my dad) after my grandfather died 6/9/1956 in an explosion in the Bethlehem ship yard (when my dad was a toddler). It would be awesome to me if you guys had an interest in it. He's got it listed for sale at A&S Music in Nederland, TX. The news channel website is 12newsnow.com and the Beaumont Enterprise ran articles on it last week.
The Fender "people" have showed an interest as well as others from around the world. However, I have thought for years Johnny Van Zant and my dad have a strong resemblance to each other. My long haired, Harley riding dad got custody of me as a first grader in 1987. I'm so proud of a that butt-busting welder. I am a nurse currently working as a kidney transplant coordinator at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, TX. (He and Memaw instilled a strong work ethic inside of my soul.)
Couldn't resist passing this information on. I may not hear back. But I just had to mention this. It would be awesome to see you guys one day! So many of the original members have been lost, but a huge thanks to those of you that press on for the fans. I've loved your music all my life! It makes me feel FREE and ON FIRE!

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